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A friend told me about cryotherapy and even after I looked it up online, I was skeptical. I like to run, but as a result, I experience a lot of pain as I get older. I finally decided to give it a try since lots of professional athletes swear by it, and I am amazed. It has changed my life and my ability to keep fit in the way that makes me happiest.

Steve T


I decided to try localized cryotherapy to target some of my problem areas that exercise didn’t seem to be reaching. I have been quite happy with the results and would highly recommend this for people like me with just a few areas that they are unhappy with. Certainly much easier than surgery.

Lydia B


I’m happy with the results that cryotherapy has brought to my life. It is truly rejuvenating. Not only has it sped up the recovery process after a hard workout, but what really surprised me was the increased energy I felt. Really a great experience!

Thomas R

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